Single Vineyard, Single Varietal Wines

Terroir is the Heart, Soul and Story of Clouds Rest Vineyards

Sonoma Mountain is one of creation’s most enchanting secrets. Native Americans lived, hunted and fished here along Adobe Creek. Our pinot noir vineyard was once part of the Spanish lands granted to Mariano Vallejo. When the clouds drift through the Petaluma gap into the valley from the pacific ocean, they form a billowy blanket just below the vineyard fence where the clouds sleep and rest at night.

At 1250' elevation, our vineyard sits just above the fog line and provides optimal conditions for growing Pinot Noir.

At 1250′ elevation, our vineyard sits just above the fog line and provides optimal conditions for growing Pinot Noir.

This land is Clouds Rest and today sits in the renowned Sonoma Coast appellation of Sonoma County California. We call this same land our home. In 1999 fulfilling a lifelong dream, following our passion for great pinot noir and dared by the devil to succeed we ripped the virgin ground and started picking by hand the ancient volcanic rocks preparing to plant the most provocative, seductive and magical wine varietal in the world, Pinot Noir.

Great Pinot Noir combines man’s will with nature’s offering

The Clouds Rest vineyard is situated at a lofty 1250′ elevation on Sonoma Mountain in the heart of the Sonoma Coast appellation. Planted in unique volcanic soil on the rocky hillsides, our grapes ripen with warm days and cool evening ocean breezes that  combine to create the unique terroir of Clouds Rest Pinot Noir. This is the most intensely planted vineyard in the Sonoma Coast AVA and may be the most difficult and expensive to farm. 100% of our farming is done by hand. We have 12,000+ vines planted in a high density of 36″ x 36″ of the finest pinot noir clones selected block by block to ripen together creating the consistent, rich and seductive flavors of our wine. Struggle is the name of the game in producing the finest pinot noir.

Clouds rest pinot vineyard

The close proximity of our vines forces each one produce smaller amounts of more concentrated fruit sets.

Our vines struggle in competition each year to produce the desired tiny, thin-skinned berries of uniform purple-black clusters. Expressing patience and aging reminiscent of Burgundy our 100% estate grown pinot noir is aged 18-22 months in the finest imported French oak cooperage. The mineral flavors from rain washed rocks and soil are infused into the grapes through a long slow hanging maturation combined this with the years’ weather is the Terroir of Clouds Rest. This metamorphosis of the wines complex elements takes place over 3 to 5 years of additional bottle aging before release, guarantying the provocative richness and consistency we strive for in every vintage. Clouds rest winery is a boutique winery where our wine has been pampered by us and ready for you now. Enjoy! Make a great memory!