Single Vineyard, Single Varietal Wines

Clouds Rest is a family-owned, Sonoma County based winery that has produced  premium single vineyard estate grown Pinot Noir since 2002. Clouds Rest has produced a Chardonnay & Sauvignon Blanc Músque since 2008, all in the maritime region of the Sonoma Coast. Our newest addition is a Cabernet Sauvignon, this amazing fruit is also grown in Sonoma County.

Our small size allows complete control over the entire wine making process, therefore enabling us to produce the finest wines the fruit has to offer. The style of our wines must be of elegance and finesse with a crisp acidity and supple tannins. The goal is for equilibrium, harmony & complexity in the flavors with a lingering finish that will always bring you back. Clouds Rest makes great memories.

Our Commitment

Our wines are all very small productions, with attention to detail and quality. We are farming bio dynamically and sustainably. If your order doesn’t meet your expectations in any way, please call us at (707) 765-0841 and will make it right for you.

About Ordering Wine from Clouds Rest Vineyards

When you order wine you are connecting directly with Clouds Rest Vineyard. In our continuing effort to improve the overall Clouds Rest customer experience and protect the wine during delivery we are implementing our Priority Shipping Service.

Sending a Special Gift of Clouds Rest Wine is Always Appreciated.

You may use Priority Shipping to share wine as a gift any time of the year. To request notification to the recipient of your gift be sure to include recipient’s phone and e-mail for them to receive the tracking information link. Please add a personal note to be included in the special instruction box in the shopping cart. Adult signature is required.

Attention to Detail Insures Fast Safe Wine Deliveries All Year

FLAT RATES & FASTER SERVICE include insurance, insulated packaging, ice packs as needed and temperature monitoring. When shipped a tracking link & invoice are sent to the billing address e-mail.
Please Order Early allow one day for order processing plus one or two days for delivery. Please enter Special Requests for cards in Comment Box at Check-out. Adult signature is required.


Contact Us

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Realize Your Wines Potential

After Shipping: We recommend letting your wine sit for 1-2 weeks before enjoying.

Storage: Ideal wine storage conditions are dark, vibration-free, sealed areas cooled and maintained at 55° F. If you don’t have a dedicated cellar or wine cabinet, the floor in a closet of a little-used room works best, as long as the temperature is relatively consistent.

Glasses: Wine tastes best out of a thin glass without a rolled safety lip. The thicker the glass, the more “watery” a wine is perceived. Glasses should be cleaned with a fragrance free cleaning solution, “sans” chemical rinse, and polished. Irish linen is ideal for polishing your glasses; you will forever be grateful for spot-free results, both esthetically and for tasting enjoyment.

Serving Temperature: The International standard for the Court of Master Sommeliers is 45°/55°/65° F for sparkling, white & red wines respectively. True, there are some exceptions, but generally this is a good barometer to keep. At 73° F, wine alcohol turns into a vapor thus detracting from its inherent expression & will mask how you experience subtle layers and aromas. The age old rule of thumb that “red wines should be served at room temperature” was created over 300 years ago when the ambient room temperature was closer to 65° F. With the advent of central heating, todays homes & restaurants are realistically closer to 72° F; a stark contrast to the original canon.