Single Vineyard, Single Varietal Wines

Q: When are Clouds Rest wines ready to drink?
A: Each of our wines will age a bit differently.
Pinot Noir- We bottle age our “Limited Release” pinot noir approximately 3 years before releasing it for your pleasure. Because of this commitment to excellence, it is ready to enjoy when you receive it. These pinots will only continue to get better with time and can be cellared for 10-15 years. We recommend decanting Clouds Rest Pinot Noir for one to two hours before drinking to bring out all of the beautiful and alluring flavors we are known for. When cellaring, we suggest the wine be kept in a temperature controlled environment between 55 and 62 degrees F.
It is best to give your wine at least a few days to recover from any shock from shipping before opening for your enjoyment.

Q: Why can’t I find Clouds Rest wines at my local wine shop?
A: It might be they have never heard of us, or just simply that we produce such limited quantities that we are found in only a few fine restaurants and wine shops.

Q: Why do you bottle age your wine, isn’t that expensive for you?
A: Clouds Rest is committed to excellence in all of our wines. We wanted to introduce a California Pinot Noir that has been aged for your enjoyment. We are committed to bottle aging our Pinot Noir for three years, because we believe that’s the right thing to do. It is also the only way to experience the depth of expression only Pinot Noir has to offer.